Primitive Technology: Friction Fire Demo

It took three months and many blisters to figure it out. With a combination of Elderberry and Cedar I finally achieved that beautiful red ember. It’s of the greatest feelings in the world, creating your first primitive fire by friction.

Shooting an Arrow from a Viking Longship

While Working in Northern Norway in the Chieftain’s Longhouse in Lofoten, I got a job as a Shanty singer on the Museum’s full sized replica Viking Longship. In this video, we were transporting a horse to an Island North of Lofoten and at the most northern point, I made an arrow and sent it into the sea.

Making a Bow in the Viking Longhouse in Norway 

My job in the Chieftain’s Longhouse in Norway, was to demonstrate how people in the Viking Age made and used bows and arrows. I showed hundreds of visitors a day, how I used my work as an archaeologist to piece together the processes of bow-making in the ancient past; while in the longhouse I had access to authentic tools and materials to carry out my craft.

The Backyard Viking Bow  

A video from my first days of bow-making. In it I source a piece of Irish Yew and craft a longbow based on the Ballinderry bow and the Viking-Age Dublin and Waterford bow fragments I examined for my Masters Thesis. 

Bullseye, on LIVE Norwegian TV 

While in Lofoten, I was on the morning TV show ‘Good Morning Norway’ – They asked me for a demonstration and they received one; Two Bullseyes, live on TV!

(Bloody good for how cold it was too; I can barley speak in the video!)

Interview on Reconstructing a Viking Longhouse

during the UCD Alumni Festival 18th June 2016, I was interviewed about the reconstruction of a our Viking House at UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture, at University College Dublin, Ireland. 

Tastes of the Mediterranean Bronze Age 

Jerolyn E. Morrison gives a demonstration of Minoan Cooking; Placing theory into practise after her ‘Art and Archaeology of Cooking’ talk the evening before; as part of for our ‘Gaining Knowhow’ seminar series at UCD School of Archaeology.


In Search of the Midnight Sun

Lofoten in the veery North of Norway, is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern lights, but during the summer months when the sun never ever sets, it is the place you need to be to see a whole other phenomenon on the sky; the midnight sun. We took a truck out one night; THAT’S RIGHT – It’s about 1:30 am in this video! We brought blankets and beer, and hung out at the beach basking in the orange glow that suspended itself beneath the horizon for several hours, before shooting right back up again.

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